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My Calculator: the Cheating calculator for mentalist

This App on top of being a normal calculator, also offers you the ability to display a pre-programmed result at the end of any calculation! This result will be displayed once you touch a secret zone, and only after a certain amount of calculations (if you want). By default, the result displayed is the date, but you can pre-program any value in the settings of the App. Thanks to this App, you will be able to astonish your friends and win bets by predicting for example the result of calculations.

Some presentation examples:
- Experiment with your friends: Ask the first to think of a day, the second to think of a month, and the 3rd to think of a year. Give them your calculator, and ask them to each enter their thought of value, and to multiply them together. Strangely, the result is today’s date!
- Bet with your friends that you can calculate as fast as a calculator. As your friends to multiply 4 digits numbers together, while they call them out to you. You give the result instantly!
Easy to do! Have fun and entertain your friends with this app!


No difficult setting up to do, the app works whatever numbers the spectator enters. You can get as many people to participate as you want.