Magicapps was founded in 2009 by Mathieu Bich and Romain Ehrhard

Mathieu has been a profesionnal magician for many years and won, in 2003 in Stockholm, the world magic championship in Invention category (FISM).  Over the past few years, Several TV channels required Mathieu’s services, in France as well as abroad. In 2007 Mathieu collaborated with Nintendo on the interactive magic game "Master of Illusions" and sold one of his tricks to the Japanese firm TENYO. In 2008 he worked as a magic consultant for David Blaine the famous American magician, who performed one of Mathieu’s creations during his show on the ABC channel. In 2011 he fools Penn & Teller on their TV Show "Fool Us". For the past 3 years, he joined forces with 10 other magicians to create an underground group called “Theory 11".

Romain is a seasoned mobile internet professional with over 10 years of experience with hands-on development skills. In 2007 he founded the service (over 1 million users) and sold the company with success in 2011. Passionated in magic, he created in 2001 with David Stone the website MagicZoom which has been the second french magic portal for 10 years.


Mathieu and Romain met each other at  an apple developper conference and decided to create MagicApps after sharing their vision of the future: magic meeting mobile to create the next step of magic